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About 4Kam

Welcome to 4Kam Camera Systems! We are UK based and specialists in supplying miniature camera equipment for use in all environments both at within our shores and worldwide. Established to supply mini onboard camera equipment to the TV industry the business has since expanded to cover many more specialist areas.



TV Broadcast


4Kam have many years of experience in providing both camera equipment and personnel to the tv production and broadcast industry. As well as onboard camera shots for sports events we cater for mini camera work on regular programming. To find out more about the equipment and our on-location availability please see here.






Having seen the onboard cameras and in-car footage on TV many motorsports enthusiasts have invested in our equipment wanting to film their own driving or riding exploits. We supply both top race teams and amateur individuals alike, many of which go on to submit their video footage for inclusion in TV coverage of various events. McLaren drivers Button and Hamilton (left) appreciate our miniature video technology and have used it to help develop their F1 cars on track.


Onboard Cameras


Miniature onboard cameras are now used by many to film their own sports and activities. We've taken our expertise and know how from the world of TV to create a range of 'off the shelf' camera packages. The packages we offer are designed to suit a variety of budgets and activities with a selection of functionality and specifications. We also offer a number of kits designed for a particular sport such as motorcycling or skiing (right).


Work and Industry


Our experience in using micro camera technology for many years has inevitably brought up requests from work and industry to meet their specialist visual needs. We offer a number of specialist cameras systems from stock but if you have a particular project or specific requirement please get in touch.


What is the 4Kam system?



Simple 4Kam system



4Kam were the 1st company to offer an all inclusive and ready to use camera kit, we called it the 'Action Ready Package' (ARP). It included a miniature camera, a small digital video recorder (DVR) and a microphone plus a camera mount and a power supply. This is still the same principle that all our packages are designed to but obviously the equipment on offer has improved as technology allows.


We now have a wide variety of ARP's available that cater for all needs and most budgets. They are designed to offer complete functionality out of the box and are fully expandable with the large range of add-ons and accessories that are available in the 4Kam system.



What's different about 4Kam?


Unlike many other companies 4Kam don't sell a selection of cameras that are just the same as everyone else's. Once purchased those cameras are usually limited to a few brackets included in the box, its hard to get further accessories, very difficult extend the battery life and pretty much impossible to upgrade components - if the a new design comes out you'll simply have to buy a new one.


The 4Kam system is different because we develop the packages in house and supply directly to you the customer with all the equipment is designed to be as expandable and upgradable as possible. Because we designed the packages our team are very knowledgeable about them, if you have specific needs or requirements we can normally taylor a camera package specially for you.



Using the 4Kam system you can...


...record HD or DVD quality video.

...have up to 4 cameras on the same system.

...power your camera system from a car or bike.

...record video continuously for over 30 hours at a time.

...operate the system via remote control or hands free (using power start).

...improve your system at a later date using one or more of our 100's of accessories.

...use our crash replacement policy to repair or replace equipment in the event of an accident.




Who else uses one?



The majority of our cameras are purchased by individuals like you who want a quality system to film personal exploits but the same 4Kam equipment is also used by a variety of well known companies and organisations.


Other than TV sector we have supplied cameras to the armed forces including the combat camera team based in Afghanistan, local authority police and fire services like Mersey Fires fast response motorcycle riders and F1 teams such as Lotus F1 (left) who use them in pit stops.


Luxury car manufacture Bentley use 4Kam to aid the testing of vehicles such as the Continental GT during design stage to check clearances and ride height.


The same approach is taken by F1 Teams such as Red Bull and McLaren who use our equipment during the development of new parts to record how they are actually performing out on track.


We were also asked to assist in the development of the Olympic Water Park for the London 2012 Olympics. Here our inspection camera technology was utilised to check on underwater turbines around the venue.





Emergency services such as:


A&S Police

Mersey Fire

Warwickshire Police

London Fire


Racing organisations including:

McLaren F1 Team

Team Lotus

Red Bull Racing

Formula One

Thundersport GB


Other organisations including:

Heart FM


UIM World Cup

Motorcycle News

Olympic Games






We have a strong record of supporting teams, individuals and event organisers, so if you compete at a high level in your sport or are otherwise successful in gaining publicity and exposure we urge you to get in touch.


Perhaps you just have a number of contacts who might also be interested in using our miniature cameras, if you do then Contact Us!




We also support a number of charities either directly or indirectly so that events and fundraising experiences are caught on camera.


When raising money for charitable causes exposure is the key to success so video footage is vital if the event is to feature on local tv news items etc. Its also nice for those taking part to have a record of the event too.





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