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Covert Miniature Security Cameras


Whether you are a private detective, tv documentary maker, budding secret agent or the party comedian our range of covert spy camera equipment is sure to meet your needs. We offer a selection of body worn spy cameras and also a number of other wireless covert cameras.


With our technology this is your chance to film that meeting, find out who has been stealing those staples or discover what goes on at home when you're not around!



Miniature hidden spy cam, wireless covert camera
Miniature hidden spy cam, wireless covert camera
Miniature hidden spy cam, wireless covert camera
Miniature hidden spy cam, wireless covert camera

Surveillance Cam

Covert Camera

Miniature Security Cam

Hidden Camera


Each product has a HQ miniature camera module built inside and uses a micro pinhole lens which is well hidden and so is unnoticeable to the untrained eye. A mini microphone is also fitted in each covert camera to give you sound on your videos. A one button start allows easy operation so you can get the covert footage without the knowledge of anyone else!


All our miniature spy cameras have a built in USB connection which allows for easy PC download of the video footage. The USB connection also doubles up as a charging port for the mini lithium battery built into each covert camera.


While each covert cam is hidden inside an object already they are each so small and light that it would be very easy to place them inside another everyday object if that better suited the situation for example a small container such as a biscuit tin or maybe a wallet or hand bag. Please contact us if you have a particular object i mind and want to check the camera will fit.


Each of the portable cameras cameras has 4GB of built in memory. When you are not filming you can use the device as a portable 4GB flash drive instead!



Manual Operation

Covert Lighter Camera


Covert Lighter Camera - Minature Spy Cam




The Lighter Spy Camera is another remote surveillance item, this time built into a regular looking plastic lighter. The miniature pinhole camera lens is located in the main body of the lighter and recording is activated by pressing down the normal lighter button.


The cap on the lighter can be removed to allow access to the USB plug for downloading and charging.

Covert Lighter Camera

- Micro Hidden Camera

- Produces video, audio and photos

- Also use as a 4GB USB flash drive

NB. This does not actually function as a lighter.

Cheap Spy Cameras

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NOW £39.99

Motion Detection Equipment

Covert Clock Spy Camera - with motion detection


Covert Lighter Camera - Minature Spy Cam













A real functioning alarm clock with its own hidden camera, great for remote surveillance. In motion detection mode the standby time can be up to 1 month!


The Camera can be:

Set to record continuously for up to 12 hours at a time.

Set to record when it senses motion nearby in blocks of 2 minutes (if there is a person nearby for 10 minute it will record for 10 or 12 minutes)

Used to take still photos via remote control.

The miniature pinhole camera lens is located in the centre of the speaker and records onto a micro sd card (included). Ideal accessory for any desktop at work or home that won't look out of place.

Clock Spy Camera

- Micro Hidden Camera

- Motion detection functionality

- Produces video, audio and photos

- Real alarm clock functions

Cheap Spy Cameras

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NOW £79.99



Example Video

Below are a selection of sample videos. All products above have the same camera module built in so it shows what can be achieved As well as undercover work the cameras can also be used to film everyday events too.



Camera Test





Example screen shot from Video

Wireless Spy Cam Screenshot

Cam Screenshot

Example screenshot taken off a video recorded on a mini camera.


Click for full size screenshot.




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